Monday, February 8, 2010

Follow Me UV white O2 advanced sun block review

Here's what it says on the brochure:

Here's what it says on the tube:
With Sunpro Complex to protect against premature ageing. Moisturises and Whitens.
Made in Thailand.

Follow Me UV white O2 advanced sun block is a sunblock from the new UV O2 white advanced skin range from Follow Me. I used to think Follow Me was a horrible cheap brand but after using this, it really changed my impression of Follow Me.

Although its not oil-free, it doesn't feel oily on my face, even on my oily T-zone, and spreads easily on my face. The white colour of the sunblock also makes my skin lighter and more glowy which I love cos I love to be a fair maiden! Haha. It retails at $11.90 for a 60ml tube. The one you see in the photos above is a 15ml sample. Its white in colour and its SPF 45, PA+++, paraben free and has UVA & UVB protection which is really good, esp in Singapore's weather (The sun in the afternoon is killer!). Its pretty cheap too, which is an added bonus. It also claims to moisturise and whiten the skin too but I don't really feel that my skin is moisturised and beomes whiter after applying the sunblock.

All in all, I totally recommend this as the SPF is high, its PA+++, best of all, it cheap and does not feel oily! :D


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