Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beauty Credit Fresh Kiwi yoghurt pack review

I got this sachet as part of the beauty credit giftpack. Sorry if my reviews are coming really slowly... have been really lazy to try new things out recently.


Original product size:

Here's what it says on the beauty credit website:

Provides moisture and nutrients for tired skin from outdoor activities leaving skin smooth and healthy

Its a wash off mask. No idea what the price is cos it's not stated on the website. It is mint green in colour with black specks (presumably from kiwi seeds). It's smell is kinda off putting though. Was expecting it to smell like kiwi but instead it smelled like a sickly sweet apple-flavoured candy. Ugh.

About its effectiveness...I felt that it didn't do anything much for my skin. My skin looked the same as it did before applying the mask. Maybe just slightly more hydrated. My skin did not have a healthy glow or become any smoother after applying this as promised, so I think you can safely skip this product. And beauty credit prices are pretty jacked up in Singapore, I'd say that it'll probably cost $30 upwards which is really not worth it. So overall a big no to this. The face shop and skinfood masks are much better.

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