Friday, January 1, 2010

Haul: Forever 21, Beauty Credit, the icing shop and Diva

Headed to 313@somerset again. haha I've been there like 3 times in the span of a week.

Bought a cake from the icing room! Its the pretty pink specialty cake shop with the servers in pink waitress uniforms at B2.
They didn't allow photography so I secretly snapped pictures of it when I was sitting at the coffee bean lol but they aren't very clear cos the coffee bean was at B1 so there were lots of zooming involved ha.

They let you decorate your own cakes there too! :D
The price of their cakes were alright but their biscuits were freaking expensive at $1.50 per piece and $3 for three.

Had a hard time choosing the cake cos all of them were so pretty. :D I bought the tea dance cake($5.20)in the end.

Its so kawaii! :DD
There's a layer of mousse around the cake, which had a delicious light sour taste. When I dug into the inside, there was a brown layer in between the 2 layers of sponge cake, which was crunchy and sweet. lol but I wonder why it's called tea dance cos I couldn't taste any tea in it haha. Forgot to ask the person what was inside so I dunno what it was. But yummy overall! :D

There's another dessert shop in 313 called Marvelous cream as well. Its a japanese brand that sells waffle sandwiches ($3, only available in Singapore! Even Japan doesn't have it.), cakes and ice cream. was tempted to buy but there were tons of people and the price of the ice cream was a tad high at $5.90

What I bought in total:

Hairband with leopard print ribbon, $7, from forever 21

The black patches aren't due to shipping off of black polish haha that's what my mom thought. It's my black nail art. I'm sporting nude coloured nail polish so it looks like that.

Earrings, $6, Diva

Nail polish in pk03 (pink mineral), $2.90, Beauty Credit

Finally stepped into the beauty credit store in 313. Sad to say, I was terribly disappointed. The prices of its products were extremely expensive, with most of them being $40 to $50 +. Which is extremely expensive for a korean brand. The make up too! The marble blush cost a shocking $59.90! Tried its lipbalm and was none too impressed. It was extremely sticky and thick and made my lips look oily. Felt more like a lipgloss than a lip balm.

The SA also kept sticking to my side like glue! I absolutely hate this kind of service which is just plain ANNOYING. Some people may like it but I sure don't. In the end I bought the nail polish which was reasonably priced at $2.90 which as housed in a pretty bottle. Their nail colours weren't exciting like the face shop's though. They were run of the mill colours that most other brands carry as well.

Also, when I was paying at the cashier, the SA gave me a snooty look because I only purchased a bottle of nail polish. I signed up for its membership card which was free and gave me 15% off further purchases at beauty credit but I doubt I will be visiting the beuty credit store at 313 anytime soon. The prices and SA's attitude just totally turned me away from the store.

Am I the only one feeling this? Maybe the other branches are better. I don't know.

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