Friday, January 1, 2010

Birthday & Christmas present and New stuff at Watsons

went out with my BFF to marina square ytd! :D
She just came back from a 3 week holiday in Japan the lucky girl :P

She gave me my belated birthday and christmas present! haha.
Here's a picture of it:

A close up of my birthday/christmas card:

Its super pretty & 3D!

A Hello Kitty keychain :D

It's only available in Tokyo! :DDD Its super kawaii and sweet :)
(Hello Kitty has different keychains for different cities and towns in Japan.)

LOL and look at the cute Totoro's helper (don't know his name) plushie! :DD
She bought it for her *ahem* potential future BF haha!

& the christmas card

Its so cute right! Pop-up! :D

Traipsed to watsons and saw that the canmake cream blushes are here! The retail price is $17.90. There are 6 colours available. Fujii Lena looks super cute btw! :D I'm a huge fan of hers.

Here's the brochure that tells you how to use it too:

I know this has already been around for sometime but I'm still going to post this up anyway. Maybelline lipbalm retails at $4.90 and is available in all major departmental stores as well.

The Za lipsticks and foundations in new pink boxes.

The people at watsons have also brought in a new japanese oral care brand called Ora². It's supposed to remove stains from teeth due to coffee, tea, red wine etc. All items from the Ora² STAIN CLEAR series are carried by watsons, including the Ora² STAIN CLEAR toothpaste, Ora² STAIN CLEAR Wash and coat and Ora² STAIN CLEAR polish paste etc.

The Ora² STAIN CLEAR toothpaste (140g, flavour: Natural Mint & Fresh Bouquet)whitens teeth to its original state by gently removing stains accumulated from tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

Ora² STAIN CLEAR Wash and coat (450ml mouth wash, flavour: fresh bouquet) prevents teeth from stain accumulation caused by tea,coffee,red wine and smoking just by rinsing the mouth. Contains cleaning agent SLS to wash away sources of stains on teeth surface and stain control agent to coat the surface of the teeth and prevent stain accumulation.

Ora² STAIN CLEAR polish paste (17g) is for concentrated care for whitening teeth to its original state by removing stubborn stains accumulated from tea, coffee, wine and smoking. Contains large amount of High Cleaning Silica that removes stubborn stains accumulated on teeth surface. For weekly care.

This information is from the brochure. It also says on the brochure that it is the No.1 Whitening Oral Care Brand in Japan. I'm lemming this! So wanna get haha cos my teeth aren't exactly the whitest around. :D

Regretting that I didn't check the price. I after DHC arrived in Singapore I wanted to get it but the cleansing oil is a whopping $42.90 (jaw drops) and its moisturiser cost $69+! It's even more expensive than a Shiseido moisturiser which retails at $67. So I'm waiting to get my pay now...

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