Sunday, January 3, 2010

The face shop essential Co-Q10 mask sheet & white mud nose pack review

Today I'm doing a post on the face shop's essential mask sheets and white mud nose pack.

My brother went to Korea recently and bought me the essential mask sheets. I originally asked for 3 pieces of sheet mask and a hyaluronic acid essence, but somehow it got lost in translation and he came back with 4 packs of the face shop mask sheets, namely the Essential Hyaluronic Mask Sheet, Essential Pearl Mask Sheet, Essential Collagen Mask Sheet and the Essential Co-Q10 Mask Sheet.

Each pack contained 10 sheets and cost 10,000won (roughly $12), much much cheaper than in singapore, where 3 essential mask sheets cost $10. o_O

From the face shop's website, the Essential Hyaluronic Mask Sheet is for concentrated hydration. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid, the natural humectant this mask sheet provides extreme hydration for any skin type including the most sensitive skin.

The Essential Pearl Mask Sheet is for whitening. Formulated with Pearl, a precious stone rich in calcium, this mask sheet clarifies, whitens and illuminates lackluster skin.

The Essential Collagen Mask Sheet firms and hydrates. Formulated with Collagen, an essential factor constitutes over 90% of deeper dermal layer, this mask sheet promotes a firmer and more resilient skin.

Las but not least, the Essential Co-Q10 Mask Sheet improves elasticity and inhibits aging. Formulated with coenzyme Q10 a vitamin-like substance that is involved in key biochemical reactions this mask sheet helps to keep skin supple and facial contours beautiful.

All of them are suited for all skin types and contain 22ml of product.

Out of the 4 mask sheets, I find the Essential Co-Q10 Mask Sheet the most effective.

After putting it on for about 20 mins, my skin looked much brighter and more luminous! :D I looked really rejuvenated and my face looked brighter.

There's a lot of serum, so I suggest after putting on the face mask, apply the leftover serum on your neck and place a neck mask over it so your neck benefits as well haha. If you don't have a neck mask, I suggest that after using the face mask, fold it into a quarter, then rub it over your neck so as to not waste it.

My only grouse about this is that the face mask is too big for my face so the serum drips everywhere :( so I have to do an additional step of the cutting the face mask so that it fits better and stop sliding down.

But I do recommend it to everyone :D

The hyaluronic acid one seems to be the least effective.

I think the chemical vapours are too strong because after I opened it, the vapours stung my eyes and I kept tearing. Also, after putting it on, I didn't see any visible difference in my skin condition, so I think I won't be picking this up the next time I go to the face shop.

Next up, the product I really really want to recommend to everyone is the white mud nose pack from the face shop.

This is what I took from their website:
Formulated with White Mud and Burdock extract to effectively cleanse pores this practical peel-off nose pack removes the blackheads on your nose and forehead.

Unlike many blackhead-removing nose strips White Mud Nose Pack is an economic and more versatile. Can be used on different areas and has better adhesion to your skin. Additional ingredients Aloe Wormwood and licorice works to soothe and to prevent dehydration.

I bought it for $11.90, which is relatively cheap for 50g worth of product :D
(I'm still stung by the $12.80 I paid for the 7 pieces of black bean nose strips from skinfood lol)

In general, I don't like nose strips as they are really painful to peel off and I find them useless (from my previous experience from using biore nose strips).

You're supposed to spread it over your nose area and leave for 10-15mins. When completely dry, slowly peel from bottom up then finish with a toner.

When you squeeze it out, you get this extremely sticky and thick white paste-like substance. I suggest that you spread a thick layer of it over your nose so that its easier for peeling.

After I used this, all my blackheads were gone! :D My nose was completely clear after that. But the effect only lasts for a few days so I use it every 3 days or so.

Its demerits are that its painful and that both sides of my tube split open after I used it a few times. I don't have mega strength btw. I just sealed the sides with scotch tape haha and the pack still hasn't dried up or anything (maybe its cos singapore is so humid all the time) so I'm still using it.

So it's really an excellent product, save for my tube, which split open D:

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