Sunday, January 3, 2010

Etude House Precious Mineral bb cream in #1 sheer silky skin review

After hearing rave revies about it online, I bought the etude house precious mineral bb cream in #1 sheer silky skin (not the sheer glowing skin one) today. (It's the white tube, not the pink tube.)
It costs $39.90 but I bought it for $37.10 after 7% member's discount for 60g worth of product.

Etude house's doorgift has also changed so instead of a box of cotton pads, I received a O2 white mask sheet and a sample of its total age repair essence :D

Here's what it says:
3 Efficacies UV protection + whitening + Anti-Wrinkle
Precious Mineral bb cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contains adenosine and arbutin for anti-wrinkle and whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection

It has SPF 30/PA++ which is not bad but it would've been really good if they'd offered PA+++ which is the best for sunscreen. It is also anti-wrinkle and provides whitening benefits for the skin. lol not that I should be any fairer. All my friends say that I'm too pale.

Actually the etude house precious mineral bb cream for sheer silky skin is meant for oily skin types, which I'm not, but the colour of it is lighter than that of the sheer glowing skin one which is meant for dry or combination skin types so I picked it as my skin is rather fair. Also, I also think it would be better for Singapore's humid weather as it tends to make skin oily.

There were also 3 smaller tubes of bb cream retailing at $30.90 but they had watery consistencies which I didn't like very much.

It has a pump dispenser so its very convenient for squeezing out product and lightens my skin so I look fairer. Haha so now my face matches the colour of my skin below the neck! But it does make me look a little sick and pasty though so be light-handed when using it on the cheeks.

It covers my dark eye circles pretty well as you can see in the picture above. One pea-sized drop is enough for my whole face and spreads on really well, however do put more moisturiser on the dry parts of your face as it tends to make those areas more visible. All in all, it is a really good product and I totally recommend it! :D

Do note this though, it takes many many pumps before the product comes out (for the first time only). Haha I almost thought I had a defective product and almost called up etude house until the bb cream popped out.

Overall, it is pretty pricey...and the colour isn't really nah there's gotta be better options out there.

Oh and I bought the Ora² polish paste at Watsons! It costs $8.95. Watsons is now having a promotion for $5 or more spent on Ora² products, you get a 25g Ora² toothpaste free :D

Checked the prices out too. Ora² toothpaste costs $5.50, mouthwash $7.95, travel pack $7.50.

Going to review the polish paste and toothpaste later.

Have you tried the Ora² toothpaste and polish? Tell me about it! :D

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