Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ora² polish paste review

I tried out the Ora² polish paste last night before I went to bed.

It holds 17g worth of product and costs $8.95. Ouch. As I've mentioned before, watsons is having a promotion for this now so I got a free 25g Ora² toothpaste free too :D

Well, I thought that it would have grains or rough beads inside it so it can "polish" your teeth. You know, like the green gunk your dentist sticks the machine into before proceeding to polish your teeth, which feels sandy and tastes sweet haha. Or like the purple Gopal powder thing that Indians use to make their teeth white.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that it was white and it didn't have any beads/grains in it. It looked more like some type of face cream actually lol. It has a herbal taste and is rather smooth.

According to the instructions, its for weekly use and you're supposed to squeeze a pea-sized drop. Which is rather hard to do on a toothbrush haha and I forgot to read the instructions before squeezing it out so I squeezed out a lot.

They didn't say whether to use it in place of toothpaste or anything, so I used it after using toothpaste.

After I used it, honestly, my teeth did not look any whiter. Maybe it must be used a few times to see a difference, or maybe it was because I don't consume coffee, red wine or smoke and I haven't drank tea for well over 2 months ever since my A levels ended, as the polish paste claims to to remove stains from coffee, tea, smoking and red wine.

Well, I'm going to continue using it though. Its $8.95 for a 17g tube!
So I guess its a nay for me but it may work for those who drink coffee regularly. For those who do, please comment and tell me whether it works for you.

Thanks! :D

I was watching 我的野蛮师姐 on tv today and the movie featured these songs. After watching it I totally cried. It was so touching and the plot is so unpredictable. And I realised that it was the prequel to My Sassy Girl (我的野蛮女友). Jeon Ji Hyun/Gianna Jun acts in both. She look so natural and pretty in there.

Lastly I'll end it off with Tears by X-Japan and Knocking on Heaven's Door by Avril Lavigne :)

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