Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Haul: sasa, watsons, fresh profusion, diva

Went to Tampines One today after a 5 hour staff meeting (UGH) and saw that Sasa now carries a lot more stuff from Bihada Ichizoku! :D

They now stock its cleansing oil, facial foam, moisturiser and another tube of stuff (forgot what it was). Sorry there are no pictures cos there were really a LOT of SAs milling around and I felt paiseh.

It now also stocks VOV. Its on 20% off right now due to promotions. Saw the lip tints and wanted to buy but decided not to in the end cos i just bought lots of lip stuff from etude house the other day.

There were Arezia lipglosses going for $1.95 only as well and some items that you only have to pay $1 for the 2nd piece and cute palgantong sets.

Skinlite masks are buy 2 get 1 free now. Purederm Essence Masks are now 6 for $9.90 (usually its $1.90 for a piece now its $1.65 for a piece). Same at Watsons.

Actually I have a phobia of purederm masks after watching a Korean show that featured this woman who was very good at packing masks and she was packing purederm masks. After watching that episode, I am now very afraid of using purederm masks cos I think they're probably really unhygienic (I'm slightly OCD-ish). But this is ridiculous I know cos all Korean sheet masks are handpacked by Korean housewives I think. But I still have a phobia of it somehow. D:

Anyway, a lot of stuff in on sasa now is on sale so you should probably head over there to check it out. There's also a 5% off for items that are not on sale as well.

Bought some stuff there as well. Couldn't resist the low prices haha

Bought 4 noble sensations essence + soft mask (original price $1.90, now 2 for $1.95, which almost 50% off) and a set consisting of a gold mirror and comb (the Anna Sui knock-off kinds :P) for $5.90 (before 5% off).

Here's what's inside the noble sensations essence + soft mask.

You're supposed to mix the 2 together to form a sticky paste then put it on your face then peel it off. I haven't tried it yet. Will post my review on it after I've tried it.

Watsons was also having 20% off for lots of brands like Nivea, Palmer's, Canmake, Majolica Majorca, Silkygirl and some selected items of Rimmel.

L'oreal, maybelline, revlon and Za are not on sale at watsons. Btw Za has revamped their foundations and lipsticks so now they come in a pretty hot pink package! :D I think the liquid foundation is new. Definitely don't remember Za having liquid foundations before.

Anw, I stocked up on my trusty Nivea water cleansing gel! :D

It's what I attribute for my clear complexion. Ever since I used this I haven't had a breakout(I have combination skin btw). After 20% off, it cost $7.85 only compared to the original price of $9.80.

On a sidenote: Although I have the appearance of an 18 year old girl, I'm actually an auntie at heart so i really love bargains! Haha! :DD

Diva was also having a sale but what was on sale didn't really appeal to me except for this feather charm ($3):D I think its absolutely gorgeous. I am going to make it into an earring. Also bought a rainbow charm for $5. I Really Really love rainbows. They're so beautiful IMO.

SOL Marketplace at B1 is also having 30% off its dodoclub cosmetics.

I then headed to Tampines Mall.
Minibits is having a 40% sale off until tmr (31st dec).
It was super jam-packed with ppl. And the shop is really small. Haha I heard the SAs complaining about it too. Actually I'm not really a fan of minibits. I always find their stuff too over-priced except for their necklaces. I saw this really sweet looking necklace that cost $8.95 only and it was before the 40% off.

But I did not succumb to temptation! A first for me haha cos other than hair accessories and earrings, I dislike wearing other types of jewellery cos I'm simply too lazy or the bracelet/bangle/ring keeps getting in the way.

Headed to Fresh Profusion and bought a feather hair accessory! I really dont know whats going on with me and the feather thing but I really like feathers these days. Almost bought a feather hairband the other day before my mom's no-nonsense voice popped into my head haha

Anw its a really pretty snowy white, reminds me of angels. I thought the black one was pretty also but no thanks to my black hair, it totally blended in and I couldn't even tell where it was.

Here's how it looks like on my hair.

On a totally random note, Precious Thots allows people eating ice cream into their shop lol cos I bought a Macs cone for myself and I stepped into their store and was miraculously not chased out :D

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