Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nail polish remover comparison: Sally Hansen & City Girl

lol going to do a comparison of nail polish removers today.
being a poor student, I only buy cheapo drugstore removers cos I think the formula for nail polish removers are generally be the same and no matter how expensive nail polish is, its gonna stink anyway so might as well save the money and spend it on something more worthwhile!

Haha I think all the nail polish obsessed people are going to strangle me.

Alright today I'm going to compare Sally Hansen nail polish remover against City Girl nail polish remover.

If you just went HUH?, city girl's a nail polish brand you can see in small neighbourhood shops selling beauty stuff. Its stocked in Aries, He&She at far east plaza and so on.

IMO I think the City Girl one is better than the Sally Hansen nail polish remover.

Here's a picture of the 2 of them.

I bought the Sally Hansen nail polish remover for $5.50 and it was during a John Little sale so the actual retail price may be higher. The City Girl one cost $2.20 so the City girl one already wins in terms of price, and it still wins after making the ml of the 2 bottles the same.

Here's a picture of the opening of the respective bottles.

As you can see, the Sally Hansen bottle opening is HUGE therefore it is difficult to control the amount of nail polish remover that comes out and I always wind up wasting a whole lot of it due to spillage and risk potential brain damage from over-inhalation of the fumes lol.

In comparison, the city girl one has a small opening so you can control the amount that comes out. You only have to squeeze the bottle harder for more remover to come out.

Also, the city girl nail polish remover removes glitter nail polish much faster than the Sally Hansen one. I had to use at least 3 to 4 pieces of saturated cotton pads before I could get rid of the glitter nail polish using the Sally Hansen nail polish remover whereas the city girl one only required 1 or 2 max.

However, the drawback of the city girl nail polish remover is that it tends to dry out your nails. After using it I noticed a white residue forming on top of my nails. So I remedied it with some cream and nail strengthener.

But nails are made out of keratin anyway. Not only that after they grow out you cut them off in the end so it doesn't really matter if the nails are dried out or damaged cos your fingers will ultimately generate new nails (ok this phrasing sounds funny). Of course, all of the above is what I think and not based an any kind of scentific observation so it might not stand in real life, but that's what I believe anyway.

That said, both of them really STINK so please remove your nail polish in a well-ventilated room.

Btw I edited my previous posts so now more pictures are up, including swatches of the product. It's a bit blur cos I took them with my hp...sadly I still don't have a camera yet. Waiting for the electronics fair in June.

Sadly I couldn't show how the colours look on a real face cos I'm currently working as an intern and it would be a bit inappropriate if my superiors found this out. You can see my mug around the middle of March cos my internship ends then(if i'm not busy processing my uni applications and stuff or even worse, in depression over my 'A' level results).

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