Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haul: etude house, skinfood, silkygirl, the face shop, beauty credit, Accessorize

Here's my haul for today...

My first stop was ion orchard. I saw that Accessorize was on sale. like 50% off on a lot of items!!! :D
So of course I had to get some.

The hair accessories and bags were on sale, along with some mirrors and stuff.
The pouches weren't on sale sadly :( There were some wallets 50% off though.
I got some hair accessories for myself! :D and a hp/bag accessory.

I love stuff with union jack design:D

I spent $21.35 only! or else I would've paid 42.70.
The firework clip was the most expensive at 21.90 originally. After 50% off its 10.95 only! :DIts super pretty and sparkly with pearls and rhinestones. Love it loads :D
Also wanted to buy this other hair accessory but it was 33.90. Ouch.

I know it looks really ugly in the picture but you've gotta see it in real life! Really pretty! :D

Then went to etude house :D
Spent enough to get a membership card! You have to spend more than $50 to get one. Each membership card entails you to 7% off the next purchase.

Sadly, the Hello Kitty line is not available in Spore. The new hand creams as well. But the moistfull collagen, Total Age Repair and Code:B lines are stocked.

Didn't get the stick eyeshadows in the code:B range in the end cos the colours weren't really attractive in real life. It comes in black, brown and white. They weren't really pigmented and the eyeshadow smudged really easily.

This is what i got from etude house:

What I actually bought:

From left to right:
Petit darling lips pk004 $14.90, Good bye Dark Circle Eye Cream $32.90, pencil sharpener $0.90, Code: B Nail Art Pen $6.90, Dear Darling Tint 01 $10.90, Kissfull tint chou 04 $13.90

Haha was super pleased with the code:B nail art pen. but I still need practice tho. need to learn how to control the amt of nail polish that comes out. Just wish they have white ones. The other ones are pink and red :(

The eye cream price was a bit ouch too. It came with a massager. It'd better work! its more than double the price of my nivea eye cream which was totally useless btw.

Here's the free stuff I got:

2 fluffy ball pens, a box of cotton pads, a O2 white sheet mask, a collagen moistfull trial set containing emulsion and lotion haha and of course, my pink membership card! :D

haha this is totally random but I think they changed the manufacturer of the fluffy ball pens. You can see the diff. the old one's on the furthest left.

Actually I also wanted to get the cherry tint ($15.90) after hearing rave reviews about it online but after testing it at the counter I found it to be uber sticky...and I hate sticky stuff on my lips cos hair will stick to it. Which is gross. So i decided not to get it in the end.

Wanted to get the aqua 10 tint as well but it was so expensive at $17.90. :( But i liked it more than the dear darling tint due to its watery consistency. It comes in 2 colours, berry red and orange red.

Then went to skinfood at far east plaza. Really regretted going there.
Cos whenever I go there I feel guilty due to the shop assistants and usually wind up buying expensive stuff that I don't really use.

I got the black bean nose pack set. 7 pieces for $12.80 (horror of horrors). I don't know why I bought this. It's super expensive! And a carrot collagen eye mask ($5).

Got 2 sachets of aloe sun bb cream free. Aish. Should've told the SA I dont put on make up cos I dont really like putting on foundation/powder/bb creams on my whole face. Makes removing makeup a tedious task and clogs my pores as well. D:

Then went to chameleon and bought myself a pretty ring! :D
Love it loads :D It only cost $3.90.

then walked all the way down to 313@somerset.
went past beauty credit and the SA handed me a free gift pack! :DD
was super happy cos i thought it was a flyer at first. actually wanted to go in but nobody was in there and all the SAs were standing outside so it was intimidating :(

But the giftpack was quite good! :D
Really liked it. There's tons of samples in it :D

Contains: bb cream (again!), Q10 cream, kiwi mask yogurt pack, sunblock and face wash :)And there are instructions in eng too unlike a lot of korean brands.

heheh gonna try them out then go shopping there. Signed on as a member at www.beautycredit.com.sg. There doesn't seem to be any benefits for members except for receiving their e-newsletter. But they have this cool app on their website that lets you try on their makeup colours on Koo Hye Sun!

haha it was pretty fun and since she'd warm-toned like me, I could see which colours worked on her and which ones didn't. So it was kinda useful. But sadly their website doesn't list the prices of their products so its difficult to compare prices. you have to head down to the store itself to check the prices.

Went to the face shop as well and got 2 new nail polishes for 5.20. somehow one of them was 10% off. I think the SA forgot to change the cash register after the last person. anw it was good for me cos I paid 5.20 instead of the usual 5.80.

Wanted to get some other stuff as well but decided to wait cos the pile of the face shop face masks my bro brought back from Korea are still sitting there. I'm super lazy to use them cos they're sheet masks and the masks are always too big for my face! So the serum drips everywhere and that's annoying.

That's why I prefer wash/peel off--its cleaner that way. So who wants those masks? I can spare some. I have hyaluronic acid, collagen and pearl ones.

There was 20% at John Little! :D
So I bought a silkygirl funky eyelights eyeliner pencil in olive green($10.90) and a moisture rich lipstick in cute ($10.90) for my mom :D

That's all!
Feel free to comment :)


  1. hi there, i was just blog surfing and stumbled upon yours. and nice haul you got there! i was planning to check out the cherry tint price and glad you mentioned it here :) ah, envy you having pile of sheet masks! although you aren't keen on that, lol. sheet mask is for lazy people like me, :p

  2. lol thanks! haha you're actually the first person to comment here. I was wondering whether anybody read my blog cos I just started it recently.

    lol and my stack of sheet masks are still sitting there. Dont know what im going to do with them haha