Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Etude House & Hello Kitty!

Lol i'm like doing 3 posts on etude house at a go.
I'm not paid to promote etude house or anything just so you know.

Etude house and Hello Kitty have collaborated to launch a mini line of cosmetics!
Its super kawaii!! :DD
Its pink and girly (it is etude house) unlike the mac ones which were all black and dull.

It's a mini range of its lipglosses, tints, rouge, mascara and a hand cream and comes with a strap so you can hook it on your handphone or your bag.

Ahh when is it coming to Singapore?!!
I want all of this!

All of them cost 6500 won (about SGD$7.70) except the mascara, which cost 7000 won(SGD$8.30) and the handcream, which cost 4000won (SGD$4.75) which means that when it comes to Singapore, the price will be jacked up WAY high :(

For example, for their lipsticks, one costs 5500 won (about SGD$6.50)in Korea, but $13.90 in Singapore and Oh~m'eyeliner, which costs $4.75 in Korea but i bought it in Singapore for $10.90. That's more than double the price!

photos are taken from http://www.etude.co.kr/.

Super Junior- Sorry Sorry

CPDRC Dancing Inmate- Sorry Sorry

This is pretty amazing!
LOL this should be done in all jailhouses all over the country.

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