Thursday, December 24, 2009

shopping, 海派甜心 & hello kitty

Christmas is just around the corner! :D

Finally visited 313@Somerset today.
There's New Look, Beauty Credit, The Face Shop, Uniqlo, Diva, Zara, Forever 21...
The usual suspects mainly.

Zara, Uniqlo and Forever 21 were HUGE though. But i think the aircon inside was malfunctioning or sth -- it was really hot!
Maybe its also due to the fact that there were tons of ppl milling around, especially in Cotton on.

I swear, the shop looked totally like a battlefield. I initially wanted to buy a skirt but after i looked at the queue i decided not to.

Bought a pair of new pink jeans from Uniqlo. They were only going for $19.90 each! Also bought a new dress from new look cos i'm going to be an intern soon, so i'll need new clothes (haha just a feeble excuse to get new clothes). Citibank cardholders have 10% regular priced items and 5% off sales items so it was a steal.

I got a free snowglobe and a chance in the lucky draw cos i spent more than $50 at 313, which is not bad, considering other malls require at least $100 or $150 before you can redeem anything.

G2000 is also having up to 50% off and additional 15% off for Citibank cardmembers but i didn't see anything i liked so i passed. Robinson's only having promotions for OCBC and Robinsons cardmembers so i skipped Robinsons too.
Robinsons costs a bomb if there's no sale :(

Went to OG Orchardpoint to get a jacket for myself. Bought a white structured jacket for $29.90, after swiping OG membercard, the price was reduced by 10% so it was really worth it. Got a free real pearl and giftwrappers too.

Wrapped the day up by eating Hokkien mee at 85 Fengshan Market in Bedok. Would've liked to eat satay but i was broke after buying so many things.

Resting at home watching 海派甜心 ep 8! Came out this week.
For those of you who still don't know, 海派甜心 is a new taiwanese drama that airs every sunday on cable. So you can watch it on youtube on every monday. Haha.

Main actors are Show Luo, Rainie Yang and Li Wei.
Its super cute and funny! :D
Especially in the beginning when Show has that mushroom head. Haha! And i have an urge to learn the pink panther dance after watching it. Haven't gotten around to learning it. Gonna master it some day! :DD

Finally, sth to keep the doctor away...

This is like super cool! :D
It's taken from yamaguchi sensei's blog. She's the creator of Hello Kitty btw.

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