Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New products from Etude House

Etude house has also launched other new products in Korea.

Tint and gloss, 6,900 won each, originally 2 for 13,800won but down to 10,800won at their website now.

Rich butter heel cream, 5,500 won

This doesn't look half bad. The packaging reminds me of the body shop somehow. But i don't really like creams that come in pots or jars, cos it invariably gets messy and oily all over and the cream gets into my fingernails. yuck.

Christmas themed earrings, originally 13,000 won, now down to 10,400 won

Merry Set

Christmas set

These are super pretty!! I'm lemming for these along with the hello kitty themed minis :D

Lip perfume, 7,500 won

Haha the concept of this is a bit strange though. Perfume for your lips?!
It sounds like sth i will develop an allergy to haha

Oh~m'Eyelash (new packaging), 4,000 won

Kissful Lip Care, 4,000 won

Its a tinted lip balm with 3 different colours.
Haha I love tinted lip balms so i can see myself indulging in them.
The girl's eyes are too big though. Looks kinda freaky.

[espoir]MiniMe my love coach perfume, 13,000 won

These are so cute! Each one of them have a different name, but I can't read Korean so i don't know how to read it.
Also, Park Shin Hye looks super cute here too!! haha
She's one of my favourite idols :D

ooh and I discovered sth new as well. I think etude house has been offering them for some time but i just never saw it. Its a stamp plate for your nails!!
Same as those konad nail plates but much much cheaper than konad definitely.
Konad is wayyy overpriced.

It only costs 3000 won! Which is about $3.60 only :D

They also have this other tools for creating effects with nail polish.
It costs 1,500 won.

haha just realised its available in s'pore. Costs about $3.90.

pictures are taken from http://www.etude.co.kr/product.do?method=new

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