Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fasio glossy eyes in BR 2 review

Fasio glossy eyes in BR 2


Fasio glossy eyes in BR 2 contains a glossy base, 3 eyeshadow colours and a eyeliner shade. You are supposed to use the glossy base first, then layer the eyeshadows on top. It comes in a boring black case and a double-ended eyeshadow sponge.

I was talked into buying Fasio glossy eyes in BR 2 for my prom last year. Agh don't know why I believed her and thought brown was the way to go. Cos generally i think brown's just boring :(

Sadly, it just went downhill from then on. The glossy base contained huge chunky glitter that makes you look really cheap and trashy when applied to your eyes. Thankfully, the eyeshadows only had fine shimmer but they were not pigmented enough and did not have even application :( though they were more pigmented when paired with the glossy base. And fall-out was t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. Need I say more?

The eyeliner shade was fab though, pigmented and smooth.

Overall, Nah. Didn't like this. At $22.90, you should just top up $3 and get yourself
a majolica majorca palette.


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