Wednesday, February 24, 2010


LOL pics of my loot from the shopping trip awhile back.

Hairband, handphone screen cleaner, earring stand from daiso. All for $2! :DD

I'm super pleased with the earring stand. Its made in Korea and just as pretty as those that retail at $12 ++

Hairband $11.90, Hairclip $16.90 both from helen. Helen's having a promo now. Its been quite long alr actually. Get the 2nd item 30% off. 50% off for members.

This was not bought by me btw. My aunt gave them to me. Its sth called Mircoz fibre. They're fibres you're supposed to apply to your eyelashes, presumably to make them look thicker. Haha I thought it was a mascara at first and was puzzled by the "hairs" I saw.

Popped by Sanrio Giftgate at plaza sing. :D
They had a new display of My Melody.

And look at the hello kitty ribbons on the floor! :D
Kawaii :D

Haha and randomness here. I saw this chi ver of hello kitty cartoon on sale on the first floor for like $.095. Wonder if its pirated cos it sure looks cheap to me.

Also bought a new tee from FOX. There are minnie mouse pics on both sides. Bought it for $13 only from the Fox sale at tp mall.

And an old song to round it all off:
Mika Nakashima- Glamourous Sky

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