Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marks & Spencer's ...Look Out for Milk Chocolate Snowy Balls

I bought Marks & Spencer's ...Look Out for Milk Chocolate Snowy Balls for $1. It was on sale due to CNY. Its original price is $1.90. I really loved this! :D (Not only due to the price of course :P) There is a crispy candy that envelopes the milk chocolate core, with a dusting of icing sugar on the top. Totally sinful & yummy! :D

When you pop it into your mouth, the icing sugar melts and the candy covering cracks and you can chew on them and they make this crunchy sound that I really like (sadistic aren't I? haha!). Its not too sweet as well. The chocolate core really takes the cake :D The chocolate is not overly sweet and melts perfectly and if you chomp on it, the chocolate is chewy! :DD Its Belgium chocolate that's why. Haha I totally recommend everyone out there to get this cos its really really really yummy! :D & cheap too :D

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