Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Canmake loose cheek in 08 review

Recently bought Canmake loose cheek in 08 peach squash.

It comes housed in a super cute box, with rhinestones embedded on it. There's a plastic sheet that separates the puff from the blush powder.

The powder is extremely pigmented and the colour is pretty deep, so apply with a light hand. Strangely, although it says peach squash, there is no hint of orange and the powder is actually a cool colour.

The puff is cute but pretty much useless as it does not pick up the powder well, and when you use it on your cheeks, the blush does not apply evenly and you make end up looking like a clown because it's difficult to control the amount of powder that goes onto your face. Using your usual brush would be much better.

Overall, Canmake loose cheek is worth getting, due to the top-notch powder, like all of its blushes, and the low price. It costs $17.90 usually, but after JL 20% off, I only paid $14.30 for this! :D And the packaging(including the puff) is pretty too although the puff is pretty useless.

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