Tuesday, January 19, 2010

went to watsons today...
saw some new eyeshadows from za! :D
They looked pretty promising. When I swatched them, the eyeshadow glided onto my hands pretty easily and were very pigmented :D
They're called Za Dramatic Eye Colour and there are 4 gradation shades and there are 5 different colours to choose from--violet, gold, blue, grey/silver and green.

It retails at $17.50.

Here's what the brochure says:

Za dramatic eye colour


They had an eye kit on sale also, containing mascara, eyelash curler and a small bottle of makeup remover. It retails at $19.90.

I love the watsons at tampines one. Its big and airy and there are no pesky salesgirls that bother you, unlike Sasa.

Haha spied the Canmake Gokubuto mascara...not really a new product. Was already launched in november 2009 in Singapore I think.

And I love the Majolica Majorca stand there. It reminds me of goth loli. I think its supposed to complement the theme of Mademoiselle Midnight, which still hasn't changed btw. The Spring collection hasn't come in yet so the stand's still there, along with the items.


Liese hair dye


Picked up the watsons brochure. Lots of offers inside! :D

Then traipsed to Sasa...saw a lot more stuff on sale. Every $30 spent at sasa now entails you to a $5 sasa voucher. Sasa's range of stuff is great. What I can't stand is the pushy slaeagirls and there are too many of them. I'd rather the company fire some of them and use the money to lower down the prices of their products instead.

only snapped one photo... not very clear too. Its dramatic veil and palgantong. Wanted to snap pics of the Bihada Ichizoku range(All of them are finally in). There's a promotion now, every $15 spent on Bihada Ichizoku products entitles you to a free travel pack. The prices range from $8 to $20++ so it shouldn't be too difficult to chalk up $15. There's blush, lip gloss, face masks, facial wash, makeup remover, peel off masks and moisturisers etc.

Then went to popular. Saw You're beautiful's ost! :DD

and a rack full of hello kitty stuff :D
and kuromi too :D somehow I love her tons more than My Melody

And I bought the body shop's green apple shower gel($9.90) and cocoa butter lip balm($6.90). They're on offer now, $3 off for both! :D so grab them now. The vitamin E lip balm also costs $6.90 now.

I wish the green apple smell of the shower gel could be stronger though. Really loved the smell... I think the green apple's the nicest smelling, followed by dewberry and peach.

and lastly...saw some cute pencilboxes at Urbanwrite! They're also available at kinokuniya and takashimaya.

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