Thursday, January 21, 2010

Silkpro Aqua Physics shampoo review

I recently received 2 stacks of Silkpro shampoo samples from my father's friend I don't know how he got so many haha and he's not a pr person just so you know.

According to what's written on the sample, Silkpro Aqua Physics shampoo is for Normal/Dry scalp and is specially formulated to treat both the hair and scalp at the same time. It claims to contain "cremogen alpha pulp to purify the scalp's surface, locking in moisture for healthier scalp and shinier hair." It is endorsed by Addy Lee and the Monsoon Hair Saloon.

I got 2 uses out of 1 packet and my hair length is to the middle of my back.

I think I should give a little info about my hair.My mom bought me the wrong type of shampoo so my hair's dry and tangled up in knots at the ends.

After trying the Silkpro Aqua Physics shampoo I have to say its not bad-- on the day itself after you wash your hair with it. After using the silkpro sample, my hair felt smooth and didn't tangle up in knots at the ends.

However, for some strange reason, my hair looked quite brown the next day. And I have really black hair.I'm not sure whether it contains some agents that strip pigment off the hair.

More importantly, my hair reverted back to its dry state the next day and my scalp became dry and itchy :( and I don't like that at all!

There are 4 other types of shampoo other than Aqua Physics, namely, Colorvibro for people with sensitive scalps and permed and coloured hair, Anti dandruff therapeutic for people with itchy scalps and dandruff control, Hairgro for people with hair loss and oily scalps, Uthcare for people with tender scalps and growing scalp and hair.

There is also a conditioner in the series, called Mask-hav (the name is a bit lame) which is a treatment conditioner for daily maintenance.

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