Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring nails!

As you might have already known, the popular colours for spring 2010 are green and blue! haha So I came up with designs for nails for spring! I don't have light blue nail polish so I had to make do with dark blue nail polish...though its not really spring-ish... aish. But who cares! As long as my nails look pretty and I have fun puttin gon nail polish heehee

Nail polish used for fingernails & toenails:

Left to right: Sylvie nail polish, daiso top coat, the face shop nail polish, daiso base coat, the face shop nail polish

Paint 2 coats of the face shop green nail polish

Then add a stripe of the face shop sparkly orange nail polish across the middle of your nails, 2 stripes for thumb.

And the toes:
Apply 1 coat of Sylvie dark blue nail polish

Then design your toes as deem fit. Okay that sounds so guailan haha.
I did overlapping polka dots for one of my big toes and a rainbow-like thing for the other using the same nail polishes I used for my fingernails.

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