Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shopping at plaza sing & malaysia goods

Went to plaza sing recently with my friends and bought quite a bit of stuff haha

The item I'm most pleased with is this pair of green ballet flats! :D So gorgeous and it only cost $10~ cos it was on sale :D

My friend bought a pair of gold sandals which were going at $10 too. Wanted a pair of leopard print high heels but it was retailing at $29.95 :( Gonna wait for sales! heehee

Bought a base coat from Daiso...its supposed to prevent the nails from yellowing. It has a watery consistency so I pretty much like it. Thick nail polishes tend to dry up really quickly. And I have tons of nail polish so they are often already dried up when I want to use them again. As for its efficiency I'm not sure about that cos I haven't tested it out yet...wait for the verdict 2 weeks later haha

And...Mint Humbugs and Soft Caramels from Marks & Spencers!! :DDD
A lot of their stuff were on sale! I bought these 2 at $3.90 each :D
Super yummy :))

And my mom bought me stuff from M'sia! :D
She popped by Etude House and saw the lipsticks and moistfull skincare series on sale (50% off! Singapore's etude house don't have sales :( ) And according to her, the body shop relaunched bath gels were going at 3 for RM 48! That's such a steal :O

So she bought me Etude House petit darling lipstick in pp901. Its a bright fuchsia pink with glitter. Haha it sounds really loud but it isn't cos its pretty sheer so it gives only a slight hint of colour.


And she also bought me the moistfull peeling wash

And a slice of cake from secret recipe! :D YUMMY

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