Sunday, January 10, 2010

Premier Dead Sea skincare review

Went to AMK Hub recently and happened to chance upon the Premier Dead Sea kiosk(#B1-67) next to Bossini(Okay I was mainly attracted by the free hand cream being given out by the salesgirl haha).

The salesgirl then let me try their Aromatic Mineral Body Treatment on the spot.

Here's what it says on the website:
"Natural Dead Sea crystals absorbed into a mixture of carefully selected aromatic oils.This crystal peeling treatment enriches your skin with vital minerals from the Dead Sea and the aromatic oils give your skin moisture, nourishment and a silky feeling."

The salesgirl told me that it would remove the dead skin on my hands and hydrate them due to its aromatic oils. Initially I was sceptical and thought it was just a sales tactic or sth but after using it I really felt a great difference in the texture of my hands! :D My hands felt smoother and softer after using them :D My mom also exclaimed that my hands were really really smooth! :D

The price is actually not bad as it costs $39 for 425grams. Only a small spoonful is needed for your hands. You wet your hands first then rub the salt all over your hands then wash it off and dry your hands. Of course, it can also be used for the entire body as well.

The small tube of hand cream I got was pretty good too. After massaging it into my hands, my hands felt soft and smooth. Also, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not make my hands feel like they're oily which is the one thing I like the most about it so you have to spread it really quickly or you'll wind up using a lot of hand cream. It has this really nice smell that makes me feel relaxed when I breathe into it (no, I'm not high on drugs haha).

It retails at $32 for 125ml. The free sample was 25ml.

Here's what it says on the website:
"A Silky cream enriched with Dead Sea minerals and Vitamins that is immediately absorbed by the skin without leaving a slick,oily residue.It develops a protecting film on the skin leaving your hands soft and luxuriously smooth. Helps prevent roughness and cracking while nourishing and protecting your hands and nails.Contains natural UVA and UVB Sunscreen."

There's a promotion for students now. It only costs $4.90 to apply for their membership card and you receive an instantly redeemable $10 voucher along with it.

The pictures are taken from the Premier Dead Sea website.

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