Sunday, January 10, 2010

Japanese food

Sorry for the lack of updates!
Have been going out for boring events recently haha so I was really exhausted and drained.

But I did go for some yummy japanese food over these few days! :D
Firstly at Shokudo at Raffles City! :D
They had this bento promotion going on. I bought a Robatayaki bento set while my friend bought a sukiyaki bento set!
It said $7.80 on the poster, but after GST and service charge, it cost $9.15.

Both bento sets

Sukiyaki bento set

Robatayaki bento on the flyer

Robatayaki bento in real life

This is tamago and fish btw haha

I also went to Manpuku at Tampines one! :D
Ate pork and egg udon($6.50) and 2 pies! :DD YUMYUM

The udon was nice and chewy :3

This pie wasn't as nice as I thought it would be. The other pie(forgot to take a picture) was much yummier! :D

I think it was called banana caramel if I'm not wrong. There was a thick layer of banana flavoured cream with real chunks of banana inside. Below the cream layer was a layer of sponge cake followed by custard, all on a crumbly and yummy crust! :DD

If you ever go to Manpuku you must try its banana pie :D I think both pies cost $7.50 a slice. A bit expensive for a piece of pie, I must admit.

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