Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Etude House petit darling lips pk004 review

Here's how the petit darling lips pk004 looks like.
Blogger tends to lighten the colour of my pics so imagine it brighter and richer.

It is very nice light pink but its a bit small for $14.90. I was surprised when I popped it open and saw how small it was. Here's a comparison with my maybelline watershine lipstick which has been used several times already.

It doesn't really glide on very well and you have to use your fingers to blend it together so the colour spreads evenly on your lips. Also, it is extremely drying and I had to apply a lot of lip balm throughout the day. The lasting power's also not that great either. And the one with glitter felt really gritty against my lips :(((

I like the colour pk004 very much though you haardly find it around; and I would repurchase it just for the packaging alone! Its very princessy (of course, its etude house)and cute :D

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