Friday, January 22, 2010

Beauty Credit Co-Q10 cream review

I got this sachet free in a beauty credit gift pack.

It says that it contains CoEnzyme Q10 250g

original size:

written on website:
Coenzyme Q10 Cream
A rich cream containing Q10 elements which lock in moisture to leave skin supple and smooth.


Q10 enhances moisture to penetrate skin
Nourishing and skin whitening effect
Anti-oxidizing effect, wrinkle reduction

My thoughts:
Well, the Beauty Credit Co-Q10 cream really didn't work for me. It was thick and oily and it formed an oily film on my face, which is one thing I absolutely abhor. It felt really icky and gross and the oil oxidised or something, causing my skin to look dark and dull.

Over the course of a night's sleep, it still failed to be absorbed and my face was super oily in the morning and for the rest of the day. My skin still felt oily even after I blotted it! So its definitely a no-go for me. It may be more suitable for people with dry/extremely dry skin cos I tried it on my legs, which are dry and seem to have absorbed relatively well. The price Beauty Credit Co-Q10 cream is also very steep. I believe it retails for $50++ thereabouts. Singapore's Beauty Credit item prices are incredibly jacked up.

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