Monday, December 21, 2009

Handicraft: Decorating shoeboxes

did some handicraft again
decorated 2 shoeboxes :D

The first one is used to store my nail polish and nail deco stuff

Materials used: yellow felt, black lace sticker and a sharpie marker.
The yellow felt and the black lace sticker were bought at Daiso and the marker at Popular.

This is pretty simple cos all it involves is measuring, cutting and sticking.
After that just draw on the cover with the sharpie marker.

After completion!

The other box:
For this one I used cherry print cloth, white lace sticker, 2 white ribbons and a cherry deco piece.
The cherry print cloth and white lace sticker were from Daiso and the other stuff were odds and ends i found in my room lol

Stick on the cherry print cloth

Add a white lace border

Sew 2 white ribbons, 1 translucent and 1 opaque on top of each other and glue it onto the cover.
After that, glue on the cherry deco piece to cover the thread.

Close up of the cute cherry deco piece! :D


But i've still got to buy more felt and cloth cos i've only covered one side of the shoeboxes haha

Did buy some more materials from Daiso to line the inside of the boxes.

Cldn't find the cherry print cloth so i bought a polka dotted one.

Its pretty useful cos the back of it is already sticky so all you have to do is cut it to the correct size then peel it off and stick it on.

But the cloth one is really thin and flimsy and tends to stick to itself. Be careful and peel and stick on slowly bit by bit cos you don't want to get air bubbles inside.

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