Monday, December 21, 2009

Making earrings

and i also bought some charms from beadspin
finally found the cross design that i wanted
the one jaejoong used to wear haha
i thought his earrings were super pretty
(look closely at his ears)

3 crosses and 2 crowns

made earrings from them :DDDD

Can't show you here, but they're really pretty when worn! :D
lol I don't know why I love cross designs so much though. Maybe its due to reading too much Japanese manga cos they always feature crosses, esp when they have dark/goth themes which i think are pretty cool!

Really loving these.

The pictures are kinda blurry cos i took them using my phone :(
oh wells.

Here's the crown one:

I just realised the crown charm was featured in my jap mag on a necklace. So cool! :D

Gonna do it when I have time cos there are instructions on how to make the necklace.

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