Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm so upset, because I cancelled an order, yet they refused to refund me the money. The money that was paid was US59.40. That is not a small sum of money.

I have already requested for them to refund me 4 times. Each time they promise to refund within a few days, but I checked my paypal account and there was still no refund. Paypal closed my case and did not help me :'(

So I do not have the items and my money is still with dvdheaven...I'm not the only one, if you check their Q&A section, you can see many requests asking for dvdheaven to refund them as well....Their service is really bad.

DO NOT buy from dvdheaven!! It is a trap!!

Update: I finally got back my refund after I lodged a complain with my bank about a dishonest merchant my money. If you have problems with refunds from dvdheaven, you can try approaching your bank to see if they have such services for recourse.

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  1. I have a similar experience with them too, They have such horrible customer service too. I hope i get a refund, it was $34.31. I also look at the Q&A and OMG there are so many requests for canceling orders and refund. Regret buying from them. And also it was my first time buying from them, ill never do it again.