Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rhomlon multi-use crayon review

Rhomlon multi-use crayon in 02 soft pink

Rhomlon multi-use crayon in 05 hot fuchsia

I bought the Rhomlon multi-use crayons at $5.90 each. Which is pretty cheap.
I really liked this cos it was really easy and convenient to use plus they're extremely pigmented.

On days when you're feeling lazy, this helps a lot cos all you have to do is just swipe across your eye then use your fingers to blend it in.

although it says it can be used on your cheeks and lips as well, i highly doubt i'd be doing that with these colours! haha i'll wind up looking like a clown. :P

The lasting power for this is pretty good too and it doesn't smudge a lot. The only problem i see is how am i going to find a sharpener large enough for it. hmm. Any recommendations?

LOL look at all the colours available:

EOTD: (Rhomlon multi-use crayon in 02 soft pink + maybelline mousse blush in 02)

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