Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rhomlon Miss Claire liquid eyeliner

I bought Rhomlon Miss Claire liquid eyeliner for $7.90 and it's made in Germany.

It has a felt tip head, so its easier to draw and manipulate the thickness of the line + its easier to apply. However, the "ink" flowing out from it isn't really constant so its not very pigmented. I often had to go over some places a few times before I could achieve the desired blackness of my eyeliner.

Rhomlon Miss Claire liquid eyeliner is also not not waterproof, and it smudges really easily. And it dissolves really easily in water and makeup remover (whether this is a boon or a bane depends on you actually) I accidentally drew on my forehead while applying this so I was like, whew! when it came off easily when i splashed my forehead with water.

Do be careful and wait for a while before you open your eyes after applying it. Hhaa i thought it dried immediately like the markers that you use on ppr (naive, i know) so i opened my eyes and it smeared all over and i had to redo my eye make up again :(

Overall, I'd say nay, cos it really smudges easily and has no lasting power whatsoever :(

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