Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kyushu Spring Fair & Shopping

Recently popped over to tampines mall to do a spot of retail shopping haha and I didn't expect there to be a Kyushu Spring Fair!

I was pleasantly surprised cos I love all things Japanese. Especially food (thoughts of my diet had apparently flown out of the window. Not that there's any open ones in tampines mall lol).

These fairs actually run quite often in Sg actually. The best thing about them is that the vendors are actually real japanese. How cool is that? Usually japanese food in Sg is either made by PRC/Singaporeans so I felt that having japanese lent a real authenticity to the food :D

There was this cute Japanese girl selling okonomiyaki and the chef making it beside her (i think it was her father)

Admittedly, it was extremely pricey at $8. But it was super yummy! It had a layer of pancake with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise and below that were noodles nad vegetables. :D There was a half-cooked egg in the middle of the noodles and some meat at the side of the noodles.

I really loved the egg cos it was gooey and messy and i like eggs that way :D The meat was fab too. Just wished that there was more of it and that it was spread all over instead of clustered at the side. I think it was cured meat cos it was pretty salty.

It was really hard to eat with chopsticks cos the noodles were stuck together and weren't cut plus it was hard to tear off pieces of pancake too. It became a huge mess when I was reaching the end haha.

I bought mochi too! It was also going for $8

It was dusted with peanut butter and the mochi skin was made with sweet potato I believe. Azuki (red bean) filling inside. It looked extremely tantalising on the display but when i bit into it i was disappointed :(

As you can see in the last picture, the mochi is very soft-too soft in fact. The skin wasn't Q and bouncy and chewy as it should be and that was the thing that spoilt it. There could have been more azuki filling as well but the filling itself wasn't bad. It was not cloyingly sweet nor thin.

The Kyushu runs until 4th April! :D So you can still go and buy stuff :D
There's horse oil products, katsudon, sushi, tempura, rice crackers, jelly, drinks, ice cream etc.
I tried the rice crackers and they were fab! :D Too bad they were priced at $12.50. Oh~my poor wallet. *sniffs* I'm still unemployed........agh gotta get a job :(

Did some shopping too.

Ack I have a ton of reviews to do D:

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