Sunday, March 14, 2010

Watsons expo sale and Markwins international beauty basics palette review

Have been lazy to update :/ Sorry!

Well, this is really late haha but im gonna blog abt my purchases from the watsons expo sale.
Sad to say, it was a huge disappointment. I thought there would be more beauty related stuff. instead it was a mish mash of sorts with six accessories and shoes (?!) being sold as well.

There was a tent for DHC and skinvitals was sold at 20%. Ditto for Za and majorca majolica, which were busy clearing out their old stock.

Well, here's what I got from the expo sale:
a jigsaw puzzle(utterly random isn't it?), $6, Clarus cucumber eyemask, $1.95, pocky tsubu strawberry sticks, $2.20, Markwins international beauty basics palette, $1 (Yes, you saw it right. ONE Singapore dollar.) and Ascience shampoo, $3.95.

Today I'm going to review Markwins international beauty basics palette.

It contains a lipstick (shade: LAGA11069), eye pencil (shade: EAFA00001), lip pencil (shade: LAIA11008), 2 blush - one pink, one coral (shades: FAHP11016, FAHP11032), mascara (shade: EALW00002), 12 eyeshadows, 3 sponge applicator, blush brush, compact with mirror.

It is made in China and it expires on 24th September 2010.

lip pencil swatch

lipstick swatch

blush- pink on left, coral on right


eyeliner and mascara

Well, to be honest, seeing that its only $1, I expected my whole face to break out in rashes after using it haha.

That's partially true. the eyeshadows were fine but the blushes weren't. Pimples popped out on my face after using the blushes and when I opened the blush compartment, there was a strong chemical smell that wafted out. That was a pity cos the colours were very pigmented, and the colours were pretty decent as well.

The lipstick was very drying and it was a horrid red colour, which wasn't very flattering as you might imagine. So I tossed it away.

The lip pencil colour was really pretty haha I use it alone- meaning that I colour in my whole lip using it without layering with lipstick or anything cos I really like the colour. Although it looks as if its the same shade as the lipstick in the picture, I can assure you that in real life, its a pretty shade of pink.

The eyeshadows are not bad. But the pigmentation differs with the colour. As you can see, the greens and the white eyeshadows are really pigmented and shimmery while the pinks and purples are decidedly lacking in pigmentation.

For the pigmented ones, they really are quite decent and the glitter particles are actually quite fine and not garish or anything. It just looks shimmery. Also, fallout is really quite minimal, although they tend to fade after a few hours.

The mascara is nothing really fab really. Although I like the wand cos its smaller, I don't poke my eyes as easily and its easier to reach to the lashes at the corners of my eyes as well as the separate my lashes.

Overall, for $1, it is a worthwhile buy even if there are a lot of defective or
not-really-useful products inside. You have nothing to lose anyway cos even if you don't like anything inside, you still have a pretty compact case with a big mirror inside haha you can just empty out the contents and give it a good wash then fill it with your makeup/jewellery or whatnot.

Did an EOTD with eyeshadow 3,4 and 12 as well as LA girls blue eyeliner.

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