Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend talk.

My weekend was super busy!

Sat was everybody's birthday! Haha cos its the seventh day of CNY aka humans' day. I went to watch was alright I suppose. My fave act was the firecracker dragon! :D

The sound was so deafening that I felt like I was going deaf cos all I could hear was the firecrackers going off haha. Since Singapore banned firecrackers in the 1970s, I haven't seen a real firecracker before so that was really an eyeopener.
The rest of the acts were meh. Same old same old. You get the idea.

Then sun I went shopping! :D Like finally.
Then at night my mom dragged me to pray to the sky god since it was the 8th day of the new year. The rites lasted till 1am. So I only got home at @am. And I had work today! So I was totally bushed.

Will post up pics later. Simply lazy now sorry

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