Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Etude House Total Age Repair Royal Essence review

Today I'm reviewing the Etude House Total Age Repair Royal Essence review. I got it for free as it was an Etude House door gift.

It says on the package that it contains Immortelle flower & royal extracts.

The essence was translucent and quite thick and sticky. It had a smell that reminded me of the orange flavoured cod liver oil my mom made me swallow when I was young haha. When I put it on my face, it felt sticky for about 1 or 2 hours. After a few hours, it was absorbed into my skin.

Well, my skin did look brighter, but not exactly luminous. I don't really see myself going to purchase it at the store. And as with all Etude House products in Singapore, the price is probably really jacked up, and should range about $40 to $50 plus so I'd say its a no-go.

This is totally random but I recently found a gem in my mom's closet! Haha I love this yellow jacket loads :D

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