Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybelline Spring/Summer 2010 collection, espadrilles & snacks!

After enduring a 10 hour long lesson (The horror!)
I traipsed to watsons wearing my new espadrilles (which are super pretty btw! :D)

Saw that the Maybelline Spring/Summer 2010 collection is out! The focus is on the eyes.

Here's the pricelist for the items:

Gel eyeliner, in brown and black, $15.90
UNSTOPPABLE curly extension mascara, waterproof, $14.90
2-in-1 impact shadow liner by eyestudio, in bronze, gold, purple, blue and white, $9.50
You can see bronze, gold, purple and white below. The blue tester wasn't there.

I liked the texture. It glided onto my hand really well! And plus there's 20% off it now so its really cheap. :D

Natural Brow Liner, in black, brown and grey, $7.10

Its on 20% off now so you might want to get the eyeliner and gel eyeliner. Not sure how good the brow pencil is, there were no testers.

Now for some food snack porn haha!

Look at the Hello Kitty snacks! :D

Spotted new pocky flavours! I love trying out all the pocky stick flavours :D The one on the left is coconut flavour and it says on the box that it was limited edition so I picked it up for myself straightaway! It cost $3. The one on the right is apple yoghurt flavour but I'm having a sore throat now, so better not eat too much haha

Haha NTUC's now stocked with CNY goodies! :DDD yummy yummy :D I especially love prawn rolls with the spicy sambal filling!:D Love the kick I get out of the crispiness and spiciness :D

And some other random snacks

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