Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rainie Yang's & Show Luo's new album!

Just visited Show Luo's blog.
And i found out his new album is coming out tmr!!!
Ahhh so excited. Am looking forward to it! :D
Esp since i'm so hooked on 海派甜心

This is the cover of his new album! :D

Also, Rainie's new album is coming out too! In 8 days!! :D
It's called Rainie and love or 雨爱!
You can check her blog for a video clip of her newest music video which is 雨爱

The song's super nice!It's the ending song of 海派甜心. And rainie's as pretty as always :)

The album also contains a duet between Show and Rainie. They sang it on 娱乐百分百 :D
You can check out the episode where Rainie's the guest star of the day.

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